The Thomas Fowell Buxton Society

Outreach to Primary Schools

This page presents a Primary School pack which aims primarily at Fairtrade Fortnight, but could be useful for other areas of the curriculum.

The package comprises a series of four lessons suited to years 5 and 6.The pack includes lesson plans, powerpoint presentations and proposals for activities. It enables School Staff to deliver to their own students what had previously been a Society presentation given by one of the education team.

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File Name Extension Size Right Click to download
Thomas Fowell Buxton - Educational Resources
Read this first
Word .docx 2674KB Download
Lesson 1: What is Fairtrade? Powerpoint .pptx 450KB Download
Lesson 2: Sugar Cane Powerpoint .pptx 1016KB Download
Lesson 2, Worksheet 1: Harvesting the Sugar Cane Word .docx 2678KB Download
Lesson 2, Worksheet 2: Countries that produce Sugar Cane" Word .docx 61KB Download
Lesson 3: Sugar Cane and the Slave Trade Powerpoint .pptx 617KB Download
Lesson 3, Worksheet 1: Slaves cutting cane on a plantation Word .docx 197KB Download
Lesson 4: Thomas Fowell Buxton and Slavery" Powerpoint .pptx 805KB Download
Lesson 4, Worksheet 1: Design your own monument Word .docx 25KB Download
Sugar Harvesting Pictures Word .docx 2677KB Download
Zipped File of the above documents Zip .7z 6474KB Download

If different formats are required (e.g. pdf), please contact the Society via the contact page