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From Mrs Elisabeth Orrell, Weymouth and Portland Fairtrade Forum (letter to Dorset Echo 16th March 2011)

WE were delighted to hear of the founding of the Thomas Fowell Buxton Society, to celebrate and remember the life and achievements of this remarkable man and in particular his long battle to bring about the abolition of slavery in the British Empire. We can only stand amazed at his tenacity and dogged determination, like William Wilberforce before him, to stand up for those who had no rights and no voice.

We are pleased to hear that there is to be a monument to commemorate Buxton and his work, and the fact that it is to be designed and made by students from Weymouth college is particularly fitting for a man who also campaigned for education for all children.

Weymouth should be proud, and grateful, to have had such a representative.

Perhaps the greatest honour we can do his memory is to continue to fight the battle in which he and Wilberforce fought so hard and gained such victories.

For as long as there remains slave labour, trafficked labour and child labour in the world, the fight goes on.

From Mr Ainsley Harriott 24th Feb 2011

I feel very honoured to be asked to be a patron and would gladly lend my name to support such a worthwhile cause. Keep up the brilliant work and thank you for bringing important history to people's attention

From Mrs Anne McKechan, Member, TFBS 23rd Feb 2011

We enjoyed the (inaugural) meeting which was informative and forward-looking. It's exciting to be members of the Thomas Fowell Buxton Society in Weymouth

From Mr Richard Drax, MP for South Dorset, 15 September 2010

I have read with great interest about your society and the fascinating things your have discovered about Sir Thomas Fowell Buxton. I applaud what you are doing to enhance the cultural history of Weymouth and Portland and I wholeheartedly support you and your society in your ongoing work.